Our Promise


We take the time to make things properly with the mindset that they should last most of your lifetime. It is our hope that our products never end up in a land-fill.


Made Locally

Making our products locally is key to reducing our footprint and helping to support our local community and economy. We make all of our products in the US and are continually working to source local materials and ingredients. 


Fair Labor

Regardless of station, all of our employees are paid liveable wages and will never have to take on a 2nd job to make ends meet. 


Chemical Free

Dyes, preservatives, and chemicals used in products not only destroy the ecosystem but also store in our body producing major health problems such as cancer. We use no synthetic chemicals, dyes, or preservatives in any of our products.


Ethical Supply Chain

We work only with suppliers that share our core values. That means all of our suppliers are pesticide and preservative free, vegan, and are working towards 0% emissions.


Totally Clean

We are a single use plastic free studio, meaning that we do not use or produce anything that is not recyclable or compostable. This includes everything from our products, to our packaging, to the pens we use.